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We are located in Kenyon, Minnesota

Page last updated 4 - 15 - 2024

Bernedoodle Puppy Page

Our Bernedoodle Puppies are Standard Size & All Tri- Colored...

4 Male Puppies Available

The size of a our F1 Bernedoodles full grown is around 65 - 75 pounds

Our Bernedoodles are very loyal, affectionate, and intelligent dogs that love to play. They are great companions and will make wonderful pets for families looking for a dog that will fit into any lifestyle.

All puppies go home with​:​

  • All vet paperwork

  • Two year health guarantee (contract)

  • Small collar

  • Memory blanket

  • Microchipped

  • Food samples

  • Life Time support

Important Highlights:

  • Parents are all health tested

  • Parents are AKC registered

  • Puppy's de-wormed at 2,4,6,8 weeks of age

  • Puppy open house around 5-6 weeks of age

  • First Vet check and vaccination done around 6 weeks of age

Please fill out a Questionnaire if interested in one of our puppies or to get on our waiting list. 

Thank You!

Bernedoodle Puppies

Bernedoodle Puppies!

* Daisy & Bluey had 12 Beautiful Puppies

Born: Mar. 20 2024

Go home Date: May 15th 2024

4 Male's Available

Picking order goes by date of deposit... Puppies will be picked out at six weeks of age.

Bernedoodle Puppies!

Dixie & Hazel puppies Comin in June! 

Go home date: first week in August.

Waiting list









Past Bernedoodle puppy photos!

Click through the litters & enjoy the cuteness!

For past puppy photos check out our Facebook page!
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Thank you for taking the time to check out our Puppies!

Looking for the best Bernedoodle breeder near me?

We understand trying to find good breeders can be hard, but you are in the right place. We are here to help you in every step to finding your perfect new puppy along with lifetime support after.

So... What makes a good dog breeder?

Well this question may be tricky, confusing and different from person to person. I'm going to explain what a good dog breeder means to us here at Country Breeze Doodles and Poodles.

  1. Best dogs for breeding, Finding the puppys/ dogs with the best bloodlines that have an amazing temperament, health & companionship.

  2. Having AKC register dogs to know they're history.

  3. Education, We are educated in every aspect of a Bernedoodle and Standard poodle's upbringing.

  4. Health testing, This is so important. Each dog must be thoroughly health tested before breeding. No matter if you know they're bloodline or their parents past health history. It's best to make sure nothing has arise or carried on that was unseen before.

  5. We care, our dogs are our family and nothing less.

  6. Puppy care, Puppies receive the best start of life with us. Being exposed to children, cats, other dogs, sensory smells & loud noises (like a vacuum cleaner). The puppies will receive four deworming treatments, 1st vaccination & vet checks.

  7. Your experience, As the puppy buyer you're important to us. We are known as a safe space for families, couples, and individuals to acquire their ideal Bernedoodles or Standard Poodle puppies.

  8. Trust, Providing people with their perfect puppy. We guide each client with the utmost patience, unmatched knowledge, and thoughtful insights.

  9. Connection, Sharing photos and videos of the puppies while growing up here with us its important to capture, so you know the puppies just as well as we do.

  10. Committed, We are committed to all the puppies we produce for lifetime. 

  11. Support, We are here to support you and your new puppy with any knowledge tips or tricks we can help with.

  12. Community, to the families that would like to stay connected with the other littermates. We have a Facebook message group where people can stay connected and lean on each other while raising their dogs.

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